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This is flat out vulgar! There are minors present! 

There are minors present

Another one of my photos from the show I attended on the 19th.

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mikeshinodasears whispered: pierce me

like one of your french girls

Bristow, VA [x]


I would never let my kids watch the orchestra, too much sax and violins.

so many bassist slurs as well.


ALRIGHT!!! Whhooo!  I’m gonna make a should out to some of my followers and people I follow! In no certain order

And to be truthful, I talk about you to my sister and irl friends!

Stellyf-c : You are awesome, and your art is so cute, I’m glad I’ve inspired you, for you have inspired me to! ♥ ♥ ♥ Internet bestie!!

Big-bad-brad : You are so nice and supportive, we have some things in common, even if you didn’t know. Even when I feel like I’ve messed up you always seem to take something well and don’t make a fuss over it. ♥

Thewakeofdevistation : You are cool! I didn’t notice you’ve been following me longer than I have been following you. I don’t know why I’ve asked you things in anon, I guess I feel I’ll be judged, but I know you wouldn’t judge me!

Rusty-and-toons : My best friend irl, I wish I could see you more, and all of your art makes me smile!

Spencers-butt - You are great! I know we don’t live that far apart, which makes me think all the time of us meeting each other, which would be amazing! I’d love to meet you in real life! I’d have someone to talk bands to! XD

LPFreakification: I know I don’t follow you, but that’s because of some of the stuff you reblog, I just don’t like to see that on my dash(dang I can’t get xkit) but it has nothing to do with you, you have a great personality and I love your art, I always check you on DA and youtube!

bidiza55555: You’re a newer friend, but I always support fans! I love all of the pictures of Linkin Ponies you make, I just wish I had time to draw things for you!

Papa-vinny : Friends irl, but I wish I could see you more. All of your posts make me laugh! You have such a great personality!

Themusersoldierfan: My sister! (yes irl) I’m glad I have you, you’re so sportive, though we can disagree on things, but at least we don’t really fight.

Now there are a bunch more people I follow, but these are some of my closest friends! And don’t feel bad if I left you out! Really, I’m just so happy I’ve gotten to 300 followers! And 154 watchers on DeviantArt!

Aw, thanks! Congrats on 300 followers on tumblr and 154 DeviantArt watchers. You have one heck of a blog and you make terrific works of art, I especially love your realistic pieces and your ask-the-linkin-ponies comics. B)


excuse your face mike